When you arrive at my studio, be assured that during our time it will be my great pleasure to spoil you!

I will welcome you with your choice of a drink (the gift of wine is always welcome) and offer to use my shower facilities. Once comfortable, our session begins with a deep and relaxing massage on a professional table. Let my strong and intuitive hands release stressful tensions in your body and mind. Let your inhibitions drop as I intentionally tease and stimulate to ignite our sexual energies as I massage you...

Next, I will invite you to take a shower. The hot water washes away any last reservations and prepares your skin for the Nuru gel.
Wet and excited, follow me to the air mattress where your Nuru body slide will begin! Watch as I apply the silky gel all over my beautiful body and experience the amazing sensation of my smooth skin on yours as I use the entire outside of my body to slide, tease and tempt. Using sacred tantric techniques, intentional touch, and sensual sliding, my Nuru massage is a completely unique and incredibly intimate experience which also includes an amazing HOT Blow Job... that will leave you breathless and completely satisfied..! :) :)

After the massage, another steamy shower will completely wash the nuru away leaving you invigorated and energized with wonderful sensations and memories to carry you through the rest of your day...:-)

Please note that this is NOT full service!